Demo/Participation games for Warfare 2017

List is subject to change

Lance and Longbow Participation 28 mm Medieval
Newbury and Reading  Demo 28 mm Ancients/Medieval
Earlswood Wargames Club Demo `Lee`s right hook` Gettysburg July 2nd 28mm ACW 
 Skirmish Wargamers Collective Demo 54mm Skirmish WWIII The Cold War Gone Hot (Sat only)
 Abingdon Wargames Club Participation Indian Mutiny Period
 Adrian Vickers Wargames Association of Reading Modern Zombie 28mm 
 Aylesbury Wargames Club Participation Team Yankee
 Polly Wargamers and Stand to Games Participation Over the Hills Forager 28mm Napoleonic skirmish
 Malvern Old Wargamers Demo Armati Demonstration
 Braintree Wargames Lego Atlantis
 Boscombe Down & Amesbury Wargames Club Participation Beyond the Gates of Antares: Introduction
 Oxford Wargames Society Participation BBB – Bloody Big BATTLES! Participation game
 Sealed Knot, Prince Ruperts Bluecoats Participation Victory without quarter, 28mm
 Pat Wingfield Wargames Association of Reading  Participation Black Ops 28mm skirmish game
 WOW Participation Wings of Glory Aerodrome - WW1 
 Combined Ops Demo Samurai game
 Dunstable Generals Demo Gettysburg with “Bloody Big Battles”
Games Workshop Participation Warhammer Age of Sigmar/Warhammer 40,000
 Steven Deeprose Independent Demo napoleonic French v Ottomans
Wyvern Wargamers Cambrai 1917 (Sun Only)
Royal Air Force Wargaming Association Participation Pirate Treasure Hunt
 Last Chance Wargames Demo Cheriton 1644 – The Real Thing (in miniature)
 Tring Wargames Club Participation American Civil War Participation Skirmish Game (Sat only)
 Tring Wargames Club Participation Almaden from the War of Spanish Succession (Sun Only)
  Maidenhead Reapers Wargaming  Society Participation The Capture of Tiger 131 WWII tank action