Results for the FOG 15mm, FOG 25mm, FOG R, ADLG, DBMM 15mm and DBMM 25mm competitions are available as a pdf document.


Warfare 2016 Competitions results


Tournament results

25mm DBMM

1st - Steve Bainbridge - Ghurid 1206AD

2nd - Neil Sutherland - Early Frankish

3rd - Mike Newnham - Later Hungarian 

15mm DBMM

1st David Pallin - Later Crusader 1098AD

2nd Mike Bennett - Ottoman Turkish 1520AD

3rd - Gregory Mann - Timur 1400AD

15mm FOG R

1st - Alasdair Harley - West Sudanese

2nd - Keith Spedding - Qin

3rd - Simon LeRay-Meyer - Qin

25mm FOG AM

1st - Paul Bartlett - Early Successor

2nd - Dave Handley - Dominate Roman

3rd - Steve Brown - Late Republican Roman

15mm Art de Leguerre

1st - Dave Saunders - Early Carthaginian

2nd - Harrison Pearce - Assyrian and Sargonid

3rd - Ian Mackay - Assyrian and Sargonid

15mm FOG AM

1st David Putt - Early Successor

2nd Steve Murton - Early Successor

3rd - David Fairhurst - Early Achaemenid Persion

6mm Blutcher

1st - Steve Royle

2nd - Alistair Wright

3rd - Paddy Bray

Warhammer 40K

1st place MichaelCostello (Deathwatch/Marines)

2nd place Sid Sidhu (Tau/Assassin)

3rd place Raul Alvarez (Tyranids)

Wooden spoon - Tom Hellard (Imperial Guard)

Dropzone Commander

1st - Simon Edwards

2nd - Dave Clark

3rd - Edward Neale-Scullion

Wooden spoon - David Reynolds

Firestorm Armarda

1:Chris Houghton
2: Ian Duff
3: David Roberts
Wooden Spoon: Jake Perry  (free entry 2017)
Best Sportsman: Darrel Henson
Best painted: Chris Alton

25mm WRG 6th Edition Ancients

Flames of War - Late War
1st Jez Evans

2nd  Laurance Donohue

3rd Chris Walker
Wooden spoon -Tony Hellard  (free entry 2017)

Warhammer Fantasy Battles 9th Age

1:Adam Jones
2: Gareth Barton
3: Alex Wheatley
Wooden Spoon: John Parish (free entry 2017)

Age of Sigmar

1: Kris Robertson
2: Stuart Dorey
3: Jon Warmington
Wooden Spoon: Viv Sage (free entry 2017)


LOTR Doubles

1st - Callum Edens/Marc Kempster

2nd - Robert Gray/Nathan Florance

3rd - Joshua Triffit/James Wilson

Best Painted - Marc empster

Best army and most sporting - Dominic Lindus/Michael Kelley

Wooden spoon - Tom Higgs/Liam Rowntree