Welcome to the home page for the Wargames Assciation of Reading, "WAR." This website gives details on the club, and on our annual two day gaming show, "WARFARE."


WARFARE 2016 will be held on 19th and 20th November 2016. The show is held at the Rivermead Sports Complex, Richfield Avenue, Reading.RG1 8EQ. Parking (pay and display) and catering are available on site and doors to the show are open to the public from 10:00am onwards.

The show and competitions will be supported by our regular sponsors, KR Multicase.

In addition, competitions will be sponsored by Colonel Bills, Magister Millitum and Plastic Soldier Company.

Competition results, as they become available, will be found here.

Warfare Competitions

Competition results, as they become available, will be found here.

2017 Committee Election

The following club members have been nominated for the 2017 club committee:

  • Chris Watling
  • Andy Watkins
  • Jon Sloan
  • Richard Randall
  • Alistair Osborne
  • Chris Morris
  • Ian Macey
  • Tony Lennon
  • Dave Henderson
  • Paul Hays
  • Ian Colby
  • Colin Bright

Voting will take place before the AGM on 7th December 2016. If you cannot attend the AGM, you may vote via email, abiding by the following rules:

  1. You may vote for up to 7 candidates. Voting for fewer is fine, but if you vote for more than 7, your votes will be discounted.
  2. Votes should be sent to wargamesassociationofreading@gmail.com
  3. By necessity, electronic votes are not anonymous. Your email must make it clear who you are, so that we cen ensure that you are a club member. Votes which cannot be associated with a club member will be ignored.
  4. Positions within the committee are decided on by the members of the committee. You are voting for who is on the committee, not what jobs they do.